Friday, February 8, 2008

Nominated for an Irish Blog Award?

Just as I was celebrating one whole year without losing a single election, you guys go and fail to nominate me, despite my subtle hints, for an Irish Blog Award, (IBA).

Not one nomination for Best Blog, Best Personal Blog or Best Newcomer.

Nor did "I'd like to apologise in advance" get on the Best Post shortlist, nor "Hey T.K., Orange you glad you asked me to update this..." for Most Humorous Post, not even a nomination for Best use of Irish Language in a Blog for "Deirtear gur 'tús maith' leath na hoibre ach is é 'HOI' leath na HOIbre!". Faraor faraor.

I am not a happy campeur.

Still at least Nikki's not there either.

If only there was some way to redeem yourselves...

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