Friday, February 8, 2008

Wanted one balloon, last seen going in the direction of up...

I was wandering across the main road by my flat the other day, when something struck me.

If memory serves this year's a leap year, meaning in simple terms there's a 29th of February coming (30 days hath September, April may, and June definitely has). This is traditionally a time for the ladies to propose to the eligible bachelors. I'm going to give you the same advice that I gave the local hospital gave to the job seekers: Please form an orderly queue.

I got my hair cut for the occasion. I didn't like the length at first, but it's growing on me.

I've recently got back into the whole staying fit and healthy thing. I used to work out back in the day, but then I started using a calculator. Sometimes I participate in a kick-a-round on the college astroturf. As they say over here the game is a foot. If you've been me as long as I have (and I think I have been), you'll know how difficult it is to stay away from an unhealthy diet. Greek scholars see me and proclaim "that face could lunch a thousand chips". Rather than staying away from the mitraillette, I balance the equation with some exercise, running away from responsibility, carrying heavy burdens and lifting all my readers' spirits. Sometimes I like to get down on my knees, so I go down to the local park and kneel on a duck.

In other news, my parents, wanting to get away from our house with a poky little bathroom, have gone away on a cruise on a luxury lino. Good for them.

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alan said...


the postman delivered a load of card this morning for you.
big and small, mostly red in colour

what will i do with them ?

all are addresses to various ladies with 'RETURN TO SENDER' in crayon accross front.......