Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tom Brady is Superbowl

After my flight back I think I may have shaken off the effects of that deep vein tombola. I just had to wait till my balls dropped in the right order.

I started new subjects this week, Maths for Computer Scientists, Calculability, varieties of English and Automatic treatment of Textual data. (Answers on a postcard to the usual address).

Big changes in the accommodation this week as two of my former flatmates have moved out. Nothing good ever comes from a group of people constantly rowing, except for maybe the Boat Race.

One thing I did miss when I was in the fatherland was the traditional Belgian chipper. You can't keep a good deep-fat-fryer down, or food from a bad deep-fat-fryer.

Belgians are becoming more and more price conscious and there have been a few demonstrations since I got here. Personally I think they don't know how lucky they are. €4 for a filling Kebab/Pita/Roll is just like a Nun on a Clown: Virgin on the Ridiculous.

Some people have been asking me what the ladies are like over here. When I consider la femme belge, I'm confused, no wait... maybe I'm not. Well they're a little hard to get a handle on, especially if your concerned about such trivialities as consent. Some girls I've met have been as thick as a telephone directory. Not that they're all unemployed supermodels: Belgium has it's fair share of red heads. If The Little Mermaid has thought me anything, and I think it has, it's that gingers smell of fish. Don't get me wrong: I can hold my own with any woman, and I usually have to. Having said that the fact that I am yet to score here is as big a shock as that time Gay Byrne pulled out of the Rose of Tralee. One cute girl did wave at me the other day if two fingers count as a wave.
Tonight's the superbowl and I plan on overdosing on Nachos. Good times.

Last but not first, I'm not one to gossip, so listen carefully.

Word on the grapevine is that a leading candidate for the Ents position in TCD's SU has been working very hard behind the scenes to get a great line-up for the Trinity Ball. I hear that said candidate has recently contracted The Blizzards & The Rolling Stones; he's been advised to stay in bed and keep off fatty foods.

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