Monday, October 15, 2007

"I would do anything for Luna Neuve, but I won't do THAT...

registered today, in and out in 5 mins, with a student travel card: free, login details & a provisional student card. My card is provisional, (I'm not, as there's no local SF Cumann) is provisional because it's only a piece of paper until my real card arrives in the post in the hostel.

UCL has a student-web:tcd-local type online sign-in thingie with Squirrell mail which i was able to access. Unfortunately, a successful on-campus PC login has yet to occur so i gotta visit the pc helpdesk. barrells of fun.

Went to the ciné yesterday and saw le version français (VF) of Ratatouille, typicle francophones too lazy to even invent a french word for 'rataouille.'

Also did my first bit of supermarket shopping today, and my pennies are pinched harder then my ass was back in my rugby school days. I could rattle off the comparitve prices of 17 brands of footpowder in terms of fungicide gms per euro but sure the excitement might kill you.


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alan said...

aahhh Ger,
we do miss you.

sure only yesterday myself and joe bought 10 kgs of foot powder and snorted it up our noses. it's soo cheap here !
let me know your banking arrangements and i'll sponser your blog - but i want billing in large letters each time. the usual T&Cs apply - but no sneaky ones