Saturday, October 13, 2007

CHRISt! FOR only eighty euro i'm guaranteed ENTS for the year

You know how it is, a nice young lady approaches you in your first week in college and offers you membership to an exclusive club:

"° Your guaranteed a ride or two most weekends
° The ladies are sure to be wet
° Only those with a strong stomach need apply."

"Ogra Fianna Fail!?" I thought, but no, she was pimping a membership card for a fun Park.

-A fun park I spent the whole day in.

Walibi Belgium, formerly Six Flags Belgium, Formerly Walibi Wavre, the theme park I know so well. I could bore you all with the virtues of this place that has a watercomplex connected to it but I won't, it's late and I have to be outta here in 20 mins. Anyhoo, I'm now a member and I can get you a discount when you come visit.

After the park i went on a few stations and revisited the campsite in DE KLUIS, Sint-Joris-Weert, in the nederlandschischen speaking region. The PVG were there in 01, nothings changed.

Having trouble finding a wireless network, but should be settle when i register on Monday.

I've visited my future apartment, it's kind of pokey with a communal kitchen, 5 mins from my main faculty. I move in on the 1st November, staying in hostel till then.

Timetabling is weird here. Classes start at 8.30 and last 2 hours with 15 min breaks.

Keyboard layout is annoying:

plus numbers are higher caps

just found out theres an ERASMUS party right now, in something called a "Pub";



btw I mean it when I say you're coming over,

btw Jews are especially welcome dans ma chambre.

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Gary said...

hey ger missing you already cabin was good i got a wake up call at half 6 the cubs got a hike fair deal i think hows she cuuting over there