Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carlsberg don't do disorientation...

England in a Rugby World Cup Final !?

Sherry/ Curtis going to Worlds!?

Cubs in the cabin without me!!!?????

these being more significant than my tales of donating blood today, (mistranslated "bloodbank" as "bank", then spent hours trying to comprehend "compagnon sexuel"- not the french version: just the juxtaposition of "sexual" with a word like "partner", when "wasteland" or "non-entity" would have sounded more natural)

And so, ladies and germs, as the 4x4 of Destiny on the level crossing of Fate stalls in the path of the speeding freight train of Doom, and the signalman of Time rushes to fetch his camera, I notice I'm out of time.

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sherryn said...

Pfft. It's not *that* big of a shock...is it?

Love the ERASMUS song by the way. Fergie would be turning in her grave if she weren't too busy getting drunk and wetting herself on stage.

Belgium (not France) sounds cool (theme parks!), but it's weird not having you around this year. There's no one for me to hurl random abuse at.