Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend at Bengie's

So I went back to Dublin from April 25 - May 5 for a spot of canvassing. You gotta love that Lisbon Treaty.

I spent last weekend in Glendale Lodge with the Cabin Crew for some yearly repairs/maintenance etc.

Improvements include a fence, and a 13ft F.O. entrance gate, which took some Egyptian engineering to erect. 100% Egyptian trigonometry, 100% Egyptian carpentry and a 100% Egyptian Land Rover.

I got me centenary badge out of it so me is happy.

What with a training course and a trip to the Scout Shop from Gary my 10 days in Dublin got me:
Troop Overnights certificate
Chat Forum Badge
Centenary Badge
Centenary Award
Sun Burn
Centenary Neckerchief

Good times.

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