Friday, May 9, 2008

Exams, essays and other things beginning with 'E'

We now present another weak installment of the blog thing.

The college year, like a fire-exit sign, is on the way out. This has both positive and negative repercussions.

Exams are approaching, which means I have to try to collate what notes I have and find the building described as a 'bibliothèque'. I've looked up an English translation of same and I'm told it means 'library', whatever that means!?

I've also got two computer programming projects to hand in, as well as an essay on aspects of Ozzie English, which is a flamin' bastard to compile.

On the plus side, the day of my return to the land I so love is approaching, and after a few days in Germany I'll probably go back to Ireland. (ahh, Miss Direction; the girl of my dreams)

May, being the first month of Summer, also brought the sun back, both to Ireland and Belgiumland. This might seem like good news, but the big shiny circle thing occasions allergic reactions in yours truly, it's like cootees but without the benefits.

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