Saturday, October 20, 2007

I could murder a brownie, or maybe a beaver, just any sort of uniformed six year old.(c)

Le Grand Place and the streets around it are swarming with scouts n guides of all ages today.

(There's almost as many scouts as there is here.

... almost)

Some sort of treasure hunt, shopping trip/urban jamboree thingie, I dunno. I suppose a student town is a good place to be if u want to avoid looking "intimidating", as I've been told we look when in large groups (3up).

So far I've seen two groups in Walibi Wavre, 1 in Aqualibi, 2 last weekend and 5 this weekend. The Spirit Lives on.

Anyway there seems to be a lot of le craic around. Good times.

Unfortunately Cub Leaders are as ugly here as they are at home.

I think I'll write a letter about it, Cheddar Gorge style. Who's with me?


Je suis pas le Rosbif. Je suis le RosSpud! said...

no one reads these comments but sure here's my Belgian Number:



Nikki Saarsteiner said...

im reading and have registered ur number.woop woop woop.