Monday, June 16, 2008

Injury time goals...

It's 5pm on Sunday evening, I have about 2 assignments due in over the next 4 days, so what else would I be doing but updating my blog that I haven't touched in two weeks? Cooking French (belgian) Toast is what! It's about the only thing I can afford at the mo.
It is very very strange to think that almost a year has gone by since I started this blog, strange because it hasn't really been that long, less then 9 months. Also very strange was booking a one-way flight for my return home (26th June!!!). With less than 2 weeks left, most of which will be spent with me panicking at 3pm when I have a presentation due in an hour and haven't slept yet, I'm gettin ready for ma parents to descend upon Belgiumland next w/e to paint the town red.
So over the next week I'm going to sit down and make a list of things I need to do and see before I leave, because I doubt I'll be back anytime soon. Also I need to binge on Mitraillettes; man I'm gonna miss those.
Overall I have very few regrets about the year, starting out was very tough, and in retrospect I would have done a lot better had I just sorted out accommodation earlier, and not had repeats last autumn, but sure then I would have missed Freshers' Week in Trinners which was da bomb. Also I shouldn't have trusted my bank to sort out a loan in anything less then six weeks, but that's easy to say now I suppose. I also probably should have wandered about a bit more, which I liked (apart from that one time during the kot-et-Scout where I misread the map [a b/w photocopy] and ended up deep in a local park), and I wish I could have avoided the glare on those sunny days as, true to form, I got these hives that I always get this time of year :( -
but I blame UCL for putting my Lecture theatres/PC labs on the opposite side of the town from my kot. I'm sure there's more to say so I'll write a more comprehensive summary blog when I leave, for now it's back to trying to convert a java program to perl...oh the joys..

Any similarity with Nikki's Blog is purely plagiarism.

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