Monday, June 2, 2008

Face for booking...

Sometimes I neglect the blog in favour of a Facebook status message.. Here's what I've been up to...

He has decided, independently of a just remembered appointment with the bank on July 1, that he should be back for good by the end of the month. 3:34pm
He notes the sad demise of Gaelic Football in Meath. 6:04pm
May 31
He is pleased with the finale of Lost, Season 4. 10:26pm
May 29
He is surprised to have received a party invite through "e-mail" instead of facebook mail, and thinks this "e-mail" thing could catch on... 7:33pm
May 26
He is distraught at the loss of 4:48pm
He is putting his towel away, having proved he's a frood who knows where his is! 2:41pm
May 25
He feels it is time to think about upcoming exams, perhaps. 4:21pm
May 24
He was hoping to be cheering for Ireland in Serbia, but he'll settle for watchin Serbia, in Ireland. 8:46pm
He spared a thought for Peter Stringer's career. No more of that... Come On MUNSTER!!! 5:32pm
He invites you all to observe one minute's silence at 16:30 B.S.T. for the repose of Peter Stringer's career. Come On MUNSTER!!! 4:12pm
May 23
He wishes Wolf Blitzer would just have the sex with Jeannie Moos and get over it already!! 7:34pm
May 22
He is minded that 18+5>17+3. 3:22pm
May 21
He 1-1, but more than Harry. 10:46pm
He is looking to get the €10 he spent on voting for Dustin back from the Irish Embassy! 2:17pm
May 20
He is toxic. 4:12pm
May 19
He is not a girl, not yet a woman. 10:33pm
May 15
He has signed up to a Belgian trend, by wearing a necker in his profile picture.6:46pm
He has just heard the biggest F.O. thunder clap ever. 6:35pm
May 14
He is on Ibuprofen, Paracetemol, Vitamin C, Cod Liver Oil & Antihistamines, but has saved money by not asking a Doctor about them first. Sleepy time... 3:39pm
May 13
He is sad to see Downing go red. (cf Orla Gordon). 1:42pm
May 12
He says what Costigan said.10:28pm
He rejects the sun and all of its works. 3:20pm
He welcomes all the new members to the club of "Those Who Were Best in Their Class But Still Didn't Get Schol". Bell-curves be damned! 1:19pm
He is asking what Halligan is asking, but without the promise of liquid refreshment... times are hard. 12:46pm
May 11
He is asking favours of Wigan & Portsmouth. 5:29pm
May 10
He is blogging about a ball he was not at. 10:40pm
May 9
He is blogging, and is wondering what happened to the other two status updates... 8:08pm
May 8
He is advising Hillary on how to ignore the facts and continue running for election. 12:11pm
May 7
He is hoping the new leader will usher forth a new era of solidarity. Comrade Medvedev, I шalute ёou! 12:13pm
May 6
He is watching Bertie walk away from power. 7:19pm
He is watching 'Iron Man'. 12:52pm
May 5
He est revenu, et commence le projet aujoud'hui. 12:56pm
May 4
He is leaving on a jet-plane. 11:21pm
May 2
He has the same reaction to Keith Duffy, as Keith Duffy has to nuts. 2:34pm
May 1
He is recovering from multiple kicks to the crotch. 4:36am
April 28
He is seeing a pattern: Jim->Tim->Tom. 12:07am
April 27
He notes another win for Munster. 10:57pm
He is ordering 60 horses' heads on eBay, and is watching "Munich" for ideas. 3:09am
April 26
He notes the tragic loss to comedy that occured at 7pm yesterday... 1:30pm
He has new found respect for far away Belgium. 1:36am
April 25
He saw b*witched back in the day. 12:38pm
April 23
He is travelling to Leuven to catch a choo choo plane. 12:44pm
He is awaiting an IM from anybody on facebook chat. 9:18am
April 21
He is getting tired of all this canvassing and is glad he's not in Lawsoc or Halls. 5:35pm
He is on Skype: duinegananam. 2:35pm
April 17
He has never heard of Ciaran Cannon, and probably never will. 12:20pm
April 15
He bloggt, blogge, ag blogáil. 5:58pm
He doesn't feel guilty playing around on facebook instead of studying. 12:30pm
April 14
He is home next Wednesday. 3:24pm
April 13
He is wondering who else his friends know, given that he's only 62nd in ComparePeople's "Better at Science" category. 2:02pm
April 12
He says you can have Hillery, but you can't have Fianna Fáil. 12:03pm
April 10
He is looking forward to Cullen's imminent demise. 11:58am
April 9
He supports The Hist's Law Amendments, more or less. 3:00pm
April 8
He is just after purchasing a book for college, that wouuld be the first, after 6 years in same, and is resenting it. 3:41pm
He is continuing in a state of rest, unless acted on by an external force. Is this what is meant by a "moment of inertia"? 2:01pm
April 6
He is sad that his hero has been hounded out by accusations and hearsay. Mugabe, you'll always be my chief. 6:54pm
April 5
He is pleased with London Irish & Munster. 7:22pm
He is cheering on the Munster Men. 5:36pm
April 4
He is in Louvain-la-Neuve, not Leuven, in Belgium, not France. 4:51pm
April 2
He is beginning to doubt if it is possible for Ireland AND Belgium to have governments simultaneously. 4:48pm
He is open mouthed, shocked and saddened. 11:36am
April 1
He thinks the Gerry Ryan Show April Fools' gag was as good as ever, and he shall welcome tithing. 11:53am
March 29
He blames Canada. 10:55pm
He is satisfied that Arsenal lost 2-0 and is not going to let AERTEL tell him any different. 6:32pm
March 28
He is listening to Westlife. 8:26pm
He is wondering what the fuss is about, he's only got one exam, though it is in Dublin, and he hasn't attended any classes. It's probably just a typo. 7:52pm
He believes in Bertie. 4:05pm
March 27
He is blogging about not blogging, Cologne and food. 7:49pm
March 24
He is retuning to 88fm, what with RTE ditching MW broadcasts. O'Donnell Abú! 4:10pm
March 23
He is pleased that Liverpool are consistent. 8:24pm
March 22
He is updating his status. 8:10pm
March 21
He is jealous of Sweden. 8:44pm
March 20
He is watching Aladdin. 4:45pm
March 18
He is going to continue the Irish Good Friday tradition by defying Belgian licensing laws, and staying away from the pubs, off-licences and alcohol in general. 2:48pm
March 16
He did not make it to the final of the Tilbury House IV, as he and Darren felt it would take away from the freshers' success in the National Maidens. So there. 10:00pm
He is back from Köln. 9:06pm
March 14
He is hoping that Darren will break a trend, and have a passport.9:48amMarch 13
He is Client #9. 1:20am
March 12
He remarks that not for the first time the good people of Mississippi went for the black guy. 9:45am
March 11
He 8===> ({}). 7:55pm
March 10
He is officially endorsing Clinton. Obama 2016! 5:05pm
He is. aswell, but better. 1:26am
March 9
He fährt nach Deutschland nächste Wochenende, und ist Debatte. 6:42pm
March 8
He is looking forward Liverpool scoring 4 against Keegan's Newcastle, like in the good old days. (3 will do). 5:14pm
He is looking forward Liverpool scoring 4 against Keegan's Newcastle, like in the good old days. 2:47pm
He is looking forward to Rio Ferdinand conceding at least another 2 in the next 10 minutes. 2:30pm
March 7
He is pleased with the power of subliminal messaging. 5:39pm
He wonders if CNN will give an election prediction at 5pm GMT. 4:58pm
He intends to vote early and often. 11:53am
He thinks he should update his Blog soon. Tomorrow probably. 12:55am
March 6
He is excited about the early onset of the Hist Election Season. 6:31pm
March 5
He is excited about the early onset of the Hist Election Season. 9:01pm
He is thinking that there's a doings a transpiring... 6:59pm
He doesn't pay Bartley to respond to his facebook comments. 4:29pm
He doesn't know who is most relieved: Peter Robinson, Hillary Clinton or William Quill. 7:25am
March 4
He reminds soldiers: March 4th! 5:05pm
He has decided to withdraw from the Theobald Wolfe Tone Memorial Debating Competition 2008 for personal reasons. 11:40am
He remarque qu'il neige toujours!! 12:53am
March 3
He remarque qu'il neige!! 10:32pm
He is on the Jamboree 2008 media team. 4:52pm
March 2
He didn't win an Irish Blog Award last night and is not best pleased. 2:23pm
March 1
He is looking forward to camping in Punchestown this summer, but not at a Music Festival. This is going to be great.. 11:04pm
He aims to continue the CUS winning streak in the Times next year. 12:12pm
He does not know who won the Irish Times Debate 2008. 12:46am
February 29
He wonders "who is Irish Times?". 10:17pm
He wishes Zig and Zag a happy (5th?) birthday. 12:27pm
February 28
He "has scum like you for breakfast" OR ""has scum, like you, for breakfast"... 3:54pm
February 27
He wrote a java program that prints itself to the screen, and is surprisingly still single. 7:54pm
February 26
He is looking for a book about "Australian English", the dialect, not the descendants of convicts. 12:10pm
February 25
He is 9568 days old. 7:48pm
He says Dubs 2 for 2 in song contests. 11:51am
February 24
He is wondering why noone told hiom that a) Paisley Jnr. resigned b)his ex-flatmate died and c) B*witched are finally back together. 5:51pm
He is pleased with events in Wembley. 5:45pm
He starts campaigning for "Douze points pour Irlande" in the morning. Vive le dinde!! 1:02am
February 23
He would swap it all for a chocolate digestive. 6:19pm
He thinks Kosovo, Kurdistan, Basque, Catalunia, Bavaria, Scotland and...Cork: Countries that'll win the Eurovison Song contest before Ireland does again. 1:08am
February 22
He thiinks that Hillary's final answer in the Texas Democratic Debate will win her the nomination. 12:08pm

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