Saturday, February 23, 2008

Au Revoir les Enfants...

This week, I choose to wave my right hand, and say goodbye to the whole club scene thing...

... on the subject of young people and their desire to go out late at night in uncomfortable clothes, to dimly lit venues, with music playing at a level that Nigel Tufnel would describe as a "12", flailing the limbs for no good reason... I've tried and failed over the last 10 years to understand it, and to enjoy it. Well it's no use. Every time I'm out, I'm looking at my watch waiting for it to be 3 am so I can go home. I'd much rather be at home watching paramount comedy channel, even if there are more eligible hotties in Q bar then at home. I resent that despite the fact that a night out forms perhaps 3% of everyday life (6 out of 168 hrs in a week) it makes up perhaps 40% of a guys/girls pullability; "If you're a fun drunk and you can work it, then you'll make a good life partner." Well that's just bollix, and I'm sick of it. Pubs and the whole culture of a "local" I can deal with but I'm done with dancing and trying to chat with someone at 2am. The fact that I can sing along to 90% of the songs on the radio from the 60s onwards shows that I love music, I don't need it played at 200 dB to enjoy it ... rant over.

In future rants:
* Parties for people not going to a debs in the house of someone who is.
* Bus ticket and postal stamp prices coming the official secrets act.
* Plastic Soles
* "Aquired" tastes

If music be the food of love, then make mine a double cheese burger...

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