Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where The F*ck is Godot?

I was intending to update this thing more often over the holidays, but access to the Computer rooms are limited because the college is broken up for winter: they're using it as firewood.

The time between the end of term and the exams (and the ten day return to Dublin) is dragging out. I've been studying a lot recently, studying and facebook-ing, to the detriment of my fridge, which is presently as empty as a BESS girl's brain. There were times over the last few weeks that I would have killed for a chinese; of course I would killed that chinese, but at least I would have appreciated him first.

Studying's going pretty well, and the videos of the lectures really help in the recall progress. That said, there are perhaps a bit too many, and the archiving system is not the most efficient. Every morning, I find the librarian blowing the dust off his extensive footage. He tells me that due to cutbacks he has had to share an office with 6 female colleagues, but he wasn't complaining. (and after the first day, neither were they. I'm not going to say what happened, sufficed to say they looked at the photocopier with a whole new attitude in the morning nudge nudge wink wink)

Students in the library tend to take this whole pre-exam thing pretty seriously. On Friday I accidentally knocked a heavy book off a shelf.A horror-filled silence filled the room with silence and horror. I must escape at once, if not twice.

Seems that stuffy old libraries are not the place for me. So I'm just going to settle down to watch the local game shows. I'm a big fan of "Name That Barcode" - thick black, thick white, thin black, thick white - you get the idea.

To end with a joke, breaking the habit of a lifetime:
What is the most common Owl in Ireland?
The teat owl (!)

I'm not much of an ornithologist... more of a word botcher.

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