Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1/1/8 1/1/8 Got your number!

It seems that someone likes my work. I checked the mail today on the off-chance that the iPod had been delayed. No such luck but I did get a letter from a local bookshop with their own printing house. I've finally been offered a book deal! I have to decide before the end of January, but they tell me I can get 20% off all books!!!

It's amazing the things you think about when you're supposed to be studying. For instance today I was throwing my pen in the air and trying to catch it when I started to wonder why it grew larger the closer it got, and then, it hit me.

So, as the short-sighted terrier of Time chases the startled stick insect of Hope, and
the supple daschund of Fate is knotted by the absent-minded balloon magician of
Eternity, it's time to go…

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