Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Capital Weekend

On Friday I went to Brussels to meet up with me mate dangerous Dave.

In many ways the weekend was not unlike a meeting of Europeans
and native Americans in the Age of Exploration:

I showed him the sights, he wasn't impressed.
He brought me trinkets, (My Gameboy, and King Crisps), I was impressed.
I caught some sort of GI illness and was toilet-ridden for 24 hours,
He also caught a GI illness and is still recovering.
Damned American-word-for-underground-train-Sandwiches.

We went to the Ocead Swimming Complex and picked up several injuries due to the slides not being very good squishee. Our tube capsized and my head went very fast towards the side of the slide, which was fine, until it hit the side of the slide, ouch.

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